2014 Forbes Billionaire List Facts & Figures

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The past year was a good one for the richest of the rich. The 2014 Forbes Billionaire List is hot off the press, and a quick look at the data is enough to make your head spin. There’s now over 1,600 billionaires…

The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Investors

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Ever wonder why some investors like Warren Buffett turn into billionaires while you’re just hoping your portfolio will outperform the DOW? Searching for the answer to this question involves…

Tip #13 – Leverage the Power of Compounding Interest

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Compounding interest can be either one of the biggest levers of financial success when working for you, and one of the biggest contributors to a financial meltdown when working against you.

Commission Free Stock Trades? Coming Soon!

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The evolution of stock trading continues. Long gone are the days of calling up your broker to make a trade, and soon enough a new app called RobinHood wants to make ancient the days of paying $6.99 for every trade you make.

Tip #12 – Invest as if You’re Buying the Whole Company, Not Just the Stock

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Most new investors have the wrong mindset when evaluating a company. To have long term success, you should evaluate a company as if you’re buying the whole thing. You’ll find this mindset completely shifts how you feel about an investment.

Tip #11 – Match Stocks and Investing Strategies With Your Goals

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Matching stocks to your investing goals boils down to asking yourself one simple question – when will you be needing the money? The answer to this question dictates how much risk you can handle, and the size of company you should invest in.

Tip #10 – Keep Your Investing Strategy Simple!

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Your investing strategy doesn’t have to be overly complex to earn high rewards. Some of the most successful investors apply a strategy of simplicity when investing. Learn 4 ways to keep your investing strategy simple, yet profitable.

Tip #9 – Know How To Properly Diversify

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Diversification is a vital strategy for success. Every successful investor you learn from in books or watch on tv has learned how to optimally diversify their funds to receive steady returns. Discover how important diversification is, and also 3 key ways you should be diversifying your money today.

Tip #8 – Find The Right Balance Between Risk & Reward


Risk is fundamental to investing. Higher risk equates to higher returns, and lower risk equals lower returns. To become a successful investor it’s important to find the right balance between risk & reward for your investing goals and style.

Tip #7 – Prepare Yourself Before You Invest

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Before your first dollar is ever invested you’ve got to make sure you’re adequately prepared. Learn about the benefits of beginning to invest sooner rather than later in life, and also four key questions you should ask yourself before beginning to invest.