2014 Forbes Billionaire List Facts & Figures

The past year was a good one for the richest of the rich.

The 2014 Forbes Billionaire List is hot off the press, and a quick look at the data is enough to make your head spin. There’s now over 1,600 billionaires in the world with a total net worth of $6.4 trillion.


To calculate this year’s list an extensive amount of research was completed by dozens of Forbes researchers worldwide. They aimed to value the individual’s assets, including equity in public and private companies, real estate, yachts, art, cash, and they also took debt into account. They then attempt to vet the numbers with the billionaires themselves. Some cooperate, while others don’t.

To see the facts, figures, winners, and losers of the past year check out the infographic below.

2014 Forbes Billionaire List

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