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شراء اسهم في بورصة دبي 4 Places to Look for Company and Industry Success

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تعلم التداول في سوق الاسهم

  • تقييم شركات الفوركس Threat of entrants – How easily can someone become a competitor? Factors that affect the ease of new competitors coming to market include: costs of startup, access to suppliers and customers, brand identity, and regulatory barriers.
  • سوق الاسهم العماني Threat of substitutes – How easily can customers switch to a different product that will satisfy needs? Factors that affect threat of substitutes include: relative prices of substitutes, product differentiation, and cost of changing products.
  • valutahandel för nybörjare Bargaining power of suppliers – How much negotiating power do the suppliers have? Factors affecting concessions given to suppliers include: number of available suppliers for the same part, differentiation in parts or services of suppliers, strength of distribution, and relative switching costs.
  • سوق التداول العالمي فلوركس Bargaining power of customers – How much negotiating power do the customers have? Factors that affect how much leeway the company will have to give in working with customers include: percentage of company sales to one or few customers, buyer information about the product or competitive products, availability of substitutes, and amount of fixed costs in the company.
  • سعر الذهب فب السعوديه Intensity of competition – How competitive is the industry? This is extremely important as it determines profitability and factors effecting pricing. Factors include: rate of innovation in the industry’s products, level of advertising needed to sustain sales, relative percentage and importance of sales between traditional stores and internet websites.

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