InvestingTips360 Writer’s Guide اسهم بنك الرياض حلال

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  • You are the investing expert and you should speak as such. Remember, you are a helpful tutor providing expert guidance to the reader.
  • Never assume readers know a fact—sometimes a piece of information that’s obvious to you is the one thing the reader has been seeking to understand. Don’t take anything for granted.
  • The writing should be conversational, avoiding lengthy, complex sentences. Grammar can be a bit loose. For example, some sentence fragments may be acceptable if the usage is common and acceptable in conversation. However, don’t use sloppy grammar without purpose and don’t use too many short paragraphs.
  • Write in a concise and direct manner. All articles should aim for clarity.
  • Use examples wherever possible to state your point.

شراء اسهم امريكية حلال Easy to Read

  • InvestingTips360 articles are meant to be easy to get through. If you find yourself using too many big & complex words, go back and try to think whether it would make sense to use simpler language.
  • Use heads and subheads liberally to separate ideas within an article.
  • Include tables or charts if they will help the reader reference or remember key information. (If you have a table or chart you’d like to include in your post, but don’t want to take the time to create the table, send a pic or link to the chart to me at and I’ll create/format it into your post for you)

Pretend That You’re Writing a Dummies Book

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Post Length

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